My Story

November 19, 2016

Well today is the day... the day I start writing this blog. I've wanted to do this for a long time... but now that I have a more clear view of my goal. And that is... I want to buy a house/a home. 

So first let me fill you in on what is going on.

I'm Christine. I'm 46 yrs old. I was married at 18, I never lived on my own and then in 2009 I became single. I rented a place for 9 months and then moved to the townhouse that I rent currently.

Because of credit problems due to my ended marriage. I was in horrible shape. My credit was ruined. I just recently was able to start rebuilding my credit. It is slowly getting better.

Recently I acquired some information from a Home Buyers Meetup group in my area. I was able to find out my home buying status. I am able to buy a home in December of 2017 on my own. 

So this begins my journey... 

My task of gaining knowledge and buying my first house and making it into my home.

What is different about my story? I am a single Mom. And I am very low income. I don't want to be stuck paying rent for the rest of my life. Rent is higher than a mortgage payment.

I plan to buy a low priced home, which is hard and usually in horrible condition. I will do some repairs and work on my own and with help of friends and family. Also budget for repairs and purchases to improve my home.

I hope to journal my steps along the way with pictures, ideas and sharing my success and failures. I will encourage comments and discussions to help me and others to achieve the dream of a home to be proud of.