Saturday, June 23, 2018

Finally Headed in the Right Direction...

So it has been a long while since I've posted... At the beginning of 2018... I finally was able to qualify to get pre-approved for my home loan. I've been honest with you that my income is low... So I am sharing that my max budget for my home is $70,000. I am qualified as a first time buyer with a USDA loan (I had to research to see what this meant).  Basically I don't have to put any $ down and to qualify you must have a lower income. BUT... you must look in only certain townships (rural mostly) and most listings won't accept it... Most are for FHA conventional and cash.

Because it is a FIXER UPPER gone crazy market out there now. So many people are house flipping. So anything that hits the market that is low gets taken IMMEDIATELY!

I search everyday online and am sad to admit that I've only seen 2 houses with my realtor. I've done drivebys and plenty of online searching. The houses in this low price range are in very poor shape. I feel I can handle some fixer upper skills myself. But I also know my limits of what I can achieve myself.

But I can't give up! I need to stop renting. I want my home! So any advice or suggestions I would appreciate... For knowledge is power!

Here are some pics for inspiration for the time being until I start renovations on the future house.

One house I wish I could of seen the inside of before it was .... gone.

This one was in a flood zone and the insurance would've been higher 
and my realtor said that it was in very poor shape inside... Oh well.

Some floor tile that looks like wood I found at Lowes. 
I will definitely consider this if my home needs new flooring .

Bye for now...
Hopefully I am able to post some good news soon! 
Then the fun part starts... 
Transforming and Decorating my NEW HOME!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Wasting Money

So I've been renting my current townhouse for 7 yrs. I did some calculations to see how much I've spent so far. And I am sad to see that I've wasted so much money living here instead of investing in a house.

$700 per month (without utilities)
x 84 months (7 yrs.)
= $58,800.

So this is what happens to us lower income renters. We live month to month paying our rent and utilities. But we never get ahead and our money is gone. I hope to change that for myself.

I really would like some feedback from you if you have a similar situation. I would love suggestions, ideas, etc.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

I live in Eastern Pennsylvania. Below the Poconos and North of the Lehigh Valley. I currently live in a small town that I grew up in. Its a nice little town. I just feel like I am ready to move somewhere else even if its another small town or a small city. Today is a cold, dreary day. Grey... A day for hot coffee and Netflix movies. But although this grey is dreary, I do like grey. I like it in my decor and in my wardrobe. For years I've been mixing grey and beige colors together. Although it wasn't so popular then, now it has become very trendy and I like it alot.  My favorite colors are white, off white, beige, grey, black, green, yellow, blue... and more. But my base colors are usually white, grey and black. Here are some pics of inspiration...

This is my couch I bought this year.
This is the chair I bought this year for my living room.

My own painting... View my paintings...